The IBFed is pleased to announce and welcome newly appointed Board directors and Board members.

Dr Christian Ossig is Chief Executive at the Association of German Banks, Chair of the European Banking Federation executive Committee, and from January 2020 director of the IBFed Board.

“In a world with globalized financial markets, a return to national structures rarely serves as an adequate response to global challenges. Stability and growth require open markets and, more than ever, international cooperation. As Chair of the EBF Executive Committee and new member of the IBFed Board, I am very much looking forward to cooperating closely with my international colleagues on issues of global financial market policy, to promoting market integration and to jointly shaping the voice of the global banking community.”

Mr Sunil Mehta took over as Chief Executive of the Indian Banks Association from January 2020 and in March 2020 he joined the IBFed Board. 

“IBA joined as an Associate member of the International Banking Federation (IBFed) in 2007. As we started engaging with IBFed, we discovered that this body provides scope for sharing the best practices adopted across the world on several issues affecting the banking sector. As India integrated with the rest of the world, many issues and concerns of the Indian banking sector turned out to be concerns of the banks globally and so it is discussed in working groups of IBFed. We could interact with the International policy setting bodies like Basel Committees, International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), Financial Stability Board (FSB) etc; through IBFed.  It is a platform to share the significant policy developments across different jurisdictions on global issues. Most recent one being Covid 19 pandemic. IBA considers our engagement with IBFed as enriching and fulfilling and is one of our key international engagements forum.”

Mr Matsuo Tsuji is director at Japanese Bankers Association and joined the IBFed Board in April 2020. 

I am honoured to join the IBFed Board and I am very much looking forward to working with colleagues who have globally diversified background.

Ms Bongi Kunene is the Managing Director of the Banking Association of South Africa and in April 2020 she joined  the IBFed Board as Board Director. 

“As Managing Director of the Banking Association South Africa, I am very pleased to bring the Africa perspective at the table. The International Banking Federation is a great platform to exchange practices at international level.”

The IBFed is glad to have all new Board Directors and Members on board!