Ms Hedwige Nuyens (United Kingdom) – Managing Director IBFed

Managing Director of the International Banking Federation



Mr Rob Nichols (USA) – IBFed Board Director

President & CEO of the American Bankers Association



Ms Anna Bligh (Australia) – IBFed Board Director

CEO of the Australian Banking Association



   Mr Anthony Ostler (Canada) – IBFed Board Director    

   President & CEO of the Canadian Bankers Association



Mr Eelco Dubbeling (the Netherlands) – IBFed Board Director

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the European Banking Federation




Mrs Ayako Arakawa-Suwa (Japan) – IBFed Chair

General Manager at the Japanese Bankers Association




Mrs Bongi Kunene (South Africa) – IBFed Board Director

Managing Director of The Banking Association of South Africa



Mr David Postings (UK)IBFED Board Director, CEO UK Finance