IBFed: representing the international banking community

The International Banking Federation (IBFed) was formed in 2004 to represent the combined views of its national banking associations. The IBFed collectively represents more than 18,000 banks, including more than two thirds of the largest 1,000 banks in the world. IBFed member banks play a crucial role in supporting and promoting economic growth by managing worldwide assets of over 75 trillion Euros, by extending consumer and business credit of over 40 trillion Euros across the globe, and by collectively employing over 6 million people. The IBFed represents every major financial centre and its members’ activities take place globally. With its worldwide reach the IBFed is a key representative of the global banking industry, actively exchanging with international standard setters and global supervisory bodies on subjects with an international dimension or with an important impact on its members.

The IBFed strongly believes that banks play a crucial role in supporting and promoting economic growth. The capacity of banks to finance the broader economy should be promoted.

The Associations of the IBFed support the efforts of their members to remain leaders in serving their customers’ needs, looking into the opportunities and challenges of digital banking and new technologies.

The Associations of the IBFed help their members to demonstrate their economic and social contribution hereby addressing the varying expectations from public authorities and public opinion while preserving their key role in providing financial services on a sound basis.