The IBFed has 10 Working Groups with representatives appointed by the members.  The Working Groups share their expertise and best practices, support the activities of the Board and prepare the position papers of the International Banking Federation.

Consumer Affairs (CAWG)

  • Chair – Marguerite Jacobs (The Banking Association South Africa)
  • Deputy Chair – Dirk Stein (Association of German Banks)
  • Secretariat – Annicee Emmanuel (The Banking Association South Africa)

Corporate Governance (CGWG)

  • Chair – Angelina Mason – (Canadian Bankers Association)
  • Secretariat – Claudia Landres-Hansen (Canadian Bankers Association)

Digital Transformation 

  • Chair – Marina Mandal (Canadian Bankers Association)
  • Secretariat – Sophie Wright (IBFed)

Environmental Concerns

  • Chair – Denisa Van Avermaete (European Banking Federation)
  • Secretariat – Bryan Radeczy (Canadian Bankers Association)

Financial Crime (FCWG)

  • Chair – Nick Van Benschoten (UK Finance)
  • Secretariat – Sarah Blackman  (UK Finance)

Financial Markets (FMWG)

  • Chair – Yvonne Deane (UK Finance)
  • Secretariat – Sarah Manvel  (UK Finance)

Media and Reputation

  • Chair – Bart van Leeuwen (Dutch Banking Association)
  • Secretariat – Sophie Wright (IBFed)

Prudential Supervision (PSWG)

  • Chair – Hugh Carney (American Bankers Association)
  • Secretariat – Justin Underwood (American Bankers Association)

Payments Group (PWG)

  • Chair – Steve Kenneally (American Bankers Association)

Tax (TWG)

  • Chair – Michael Barbour (Westpac)
  • Secretariat – Maria Pham (Westpac)